Monday, July 11, 2011

Dinner with Tayler

We had the wonderful opportunity to have dinner with Tayler and her friend Roxy tonight.  When she pulled up, she noticed she had a flat tire.  Luckily, Greg is an expert flat-tire-changer.  It was kind of raining a little off and on, so we pulled our cars out of the garage and Tayler's car in so that Greg could work in dryness.  Ellie loved showing off for Tayler and Roxy, and sitting on the rocks.

When the tire was done, we came in for dinner, and then we played.  Tayler and Roxy spent a long time swinging Ellie in this blanket.  Lynlee was sitting on the couch by Greg, and at one point started kind of fussing and reaching out her hands.  So we gave Lynlee a try in the swing and she loved it.  She giggled and laughed!  Then it was Ellie's turn again, and Lynlee definitely let us know that she needed another turn as well.  So precious!
Then it was bathtime!  Ellie wanted Tayler to give her a bath, and they played in there for a long time.  It was sweet as Greg and I were doing the dishes and cleaning up dinner to hear the laughter coming down the hallway.
After her bath, Ellie asked Tayler to give her milk, and then Tayler got to see firsthand Ellie's expert stalling techniques before bed.  She snuggled Tayler, and sang songs, and told us stories, and gave kisses.  Eventually, she was so tired that it had to be bedtime, so we said goodbye to Tayler and Roxy.

We love Tayler!


Beth said...

Wow, what a crazy night! I love the pictures, they brought tears to my eyes.

Carrie said...

I agree with Beth - those pictures are great :). I think adoption is such a wonderful thing, and I love it that Taylor is able to still be a part of Ellie's life. And, I love it even more that you get to have both of them in your life because of adoption :)


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