Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ellie is 23 months old

Hope came over to play, and she was wearing a pair of shoes just like ones Ellie has (and Ellie only has them because Hope handed them down to us!).  Ellie was very concerned that Hope was wearing her butterfly shoes...
At 23 months, Ellie

~ is wearing 18-24 month clothes, and some 2Ts.  Size 5 diapers.
~ is getting very independent, and likes to say things like, "I pick" and "Ellie's music, not Mommy's"  and "Ellie's turn."  So cute when she talks in the 3rd person!
~ loves to sing "the farmer song,"  a.k.a. B-I-N-G-O
~ loves to blow on food when it is hot.  The other day we walked into the garage, and Ellie promptly said, "hot" and blew as hard as she could
~ will answer the following questions with the answer of "ELLIE!" while pointing to herself:  who's cute?  who's smart?  who's pretty? who's tricky?  One example of her being tricky is that she loves to tease me by saying that there is "knocking" on the front door (when there is not).
~ loves to talk to Lynlee.  Will ask her, "are you OK, Lynlee?" and if Lynlee is fussy she will "shhh" her or yell, "we coming, LuLu"
~ loves to read me and Lynlee stories.  She will ask us, "what's that?" and we must answer her question.  I guess I have asked her that a lot when we read books!
~ loves to sign, and I love the understanding it gives me.  For example, doggie and donkey sound exactly the same, and ducky is not far off.  Ellie always signs those words while she is saying them and I know what she means.
~ has a really extensive vocabulary and speaks in complete sentences.  Some of my favorite things she says right now are:  hmmmm, Ellie hold it, no share (or no friends), bonkers (when she hits something), be careful, and Ah K (OK)
~ loves to give hugs, and most of the time will pat you on the back while she is doing it

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