Sunday, July 10, 2011

Emily is 1!

Sunday morning, Ellie woke up screaming, which is generally not a good sign.  A crazy bird was outside her window, tapping to get in, and it woke her up about 90 minutes before she normally would have gotten up.  I pulled up the blinds so we could look at it, and (shockingly) it flew away.  Ellie spent a couple of minutes saying, "bird, where are you?"
Lynlee has started rolling over and then falling asleep on her tummy.  She seems to do really well, until she wakes up, and then she wants to be on her back again.  She is getting a lot stronger, though, and is seeming to like her tummy a little more than she used to.
Emily turned 1, and we had the privilege of hosting her birthday party at our house.  After a yummy dinner (where Greg bbq'd in the pouring rain), Kaysen wanted to get in the hot tub.  Of course, Ellie and Andrew wanted to join him!

 Emily and Lynlee played really well together.

Tanya, Jonette, Adrian, and Tamara
adventurous Kaysen took a plunge in the freezing cold fountain
yummm, that frosting is delicious!

watching Barney with "Kasey"

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