Saturday, July 16, 2011

Greg's Birthday Party

We celebrated Greg's birthday tonight with a little party.  I made mock-Cafe Rio with the recipes from Favorite Family Recipes and it was the best I have had yet (but I may be a little biased).  The biggest hits were the pork and the homemade tortilla chips.  

Mark & Michelle came prepared with some games to play after dinner, and they were so fun.  We first put everyone's name in a cup, and each picked one.  You then were that person for the duration of the game.  The object of the game is to get 4 people of the same gender sitting in a special row of seats.  Every seat was full, except for one.  As you went around the room, you would call out a name, and that person had to move to the empty seat.  The girls won the first round, and then we played again.  It was trickier the second time, trying to remember who everyone was, and not who had been who the first time around!

For the second game, we all wrote the names of 10 famous people on a slip of paper and put it in a bowl.  We did boys vs. girls again.  We took turns going back and forth, trying to get our teammates to guess the name we picked out.  For the first round, anything went.  The second round, you could only use 1 word clues.  The third round (and my favorite for sheer silliness) was charades.

Thanks to Merrill & Jo Squire, Mark & Michelle Reich, Kelly & Leesa Kinghorn, Paul & Staci, Tammy & Jonette, and Cliff Conklin for helping us celebrate in style!

Greg is an amazing husband and father, and I feel so blessed to be married to him.  He is compassionate, considerate, and fun-loving.  Since he has become Bishop, all of his fabulous qualities have become even more wonderful.  He is slow to react, and a good listener, and genuinely cares about those around him.  Sometimes I wonder how he handles all of the pressures in his life with so much good grace--he is responsible for many family's incomes through his business, and is Bishop, let alone being a key factor in his immediate family's happiness!  

I love you, Greg!  Happy 39 years of life.
Leesa, Michelle, Tammy, Cliff, and Paul

Mark, Merrill, Greg, and Kelly

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