Saturday, July 2, 2011

Highlights From This Week

Skipping Wacky Wednesday (they went to Seven Peaks, and I did not feel equal to that with 2 under 2) and having our own swim party in the backyard with our BFF's.
Taking a quintessential-Ellie picture.  She loves to have "pretty" hair, and she is clutching Lambie, and you can see the stickers she put on the mirror, and the cloth she uses to clean up the "mess" after she sprays the mirror with water.
Hiring teenage labor to have a beautiful, weed-free yard.  Great job, Vince, Ian, and Skyler!
Watching Lynlee come into her own.  She loves to hold toys and chew on paper.  And it finally feels normal to look at her wearing her helmet.  It only took 3 weeks, but I do not see the helmet anymore, not really.  I only see our gorgeous girl!

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