Friday, July 15, 2011

If You Chance To Meet a Frown

My memory card got full and cut off the last word of our song, but check out Ellie's killer frowny face!


Elizabeth said...

she's got that frowny face down pat! What a sweetheart!

Kristin said...

It was so fun to see you yesterday! I wish we had more time. Your girls are soooooo cute and I can't believe you've been married for 17 years, that's coming up on 20:)! I peeked at your blog for just a minute and you have such a beautiful family, you are lucky to have such beautiful girls. I'd love to keep up with you better so if you don't mind I want to add you blog to mine so I can do better at keeping in touch. That first year of college for me was really life changing and you were such a cool room mate and a big part of who I became. Loved seeing you again! I can't believe I kinda remembered our room #. That's funny!


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