Sunday, July 24, 2011

Laundry, Good-byes, and a Strong Girl

Ellie loves to help me fold laundry.  She especially loves to try and put the clothes back in the laundry basket after I have folded them.  This day, she tried to get dressed all by herself.
 After more than 11 years, we finally said good-bye to our 1997 Chrysler LHS.  Even though I have barely driven it in the last year, it was my main car for 10 years, and it is nostalgic to say good-bye to it.  A few weeks ago, Greg was minding his own business while sitting at a light, and another car hit him while trying to avoid being hit by a third car.  Even though the damage is minimal and just some dents & scrapes along the side, the insurance company totaled it out.  They let us buy it back for $365, so we sold it to my brother Jon for that.  Jon, Teri, and Gwen came on Saturday to pick it up.  Hopefully it runs well for a long time for them, but if it breaks in a month or two, I will not feel too bad since the price was low.

Lynlee is getting so strong, and she likes to sit up in the bouncer.  I still feed her in the bouncer sometimes, when Ellie wants to sit in the brown high chair, and not in the pink booster seat.  Go, Lynlee, go!
On Sunday night, we went for a walk, and only made it as far as the Morrow's house.  As soon as we were in the stroller, Ellie said, "Hailey Rocko play" so we headed that way.  While we were visiting, Nick and Hailey got Ellie her first ever chocolate ice cream cone.  She loved it!  Lynlee was tired, but the sweet girl still never really fusses.  She snuggled with me and just rested.

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