Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Makeshift Double Stroller

We are starting to make a nightly walk part of our tradition, but tonight Greg had the double stroller with him at Mutual (at least, the stroller was in the back of the car he was driving).  Ellie 'helped' me push Lynlee for almost 2 blocks, until she tripped over her brand-new, still a little big shoes and skinned her knee a smidge.  So I sat her down on Lynlee's tray, and she held on and thought it was so funny.  Lynlee kept on reaching out and touching her shirt and talking to her.


Kristin said...

I have to tell you again how CUTE your girls are! And I love the turtle plate in one of your other posts. One of my boys loves turtles so we have tons of turtles around our house. He thought that plate was very cool!

The Gardner Family said...

Sooo....I'm assuming the stroller just happened to be in the vehicle Greg was using....otherwise, why in the world did he "have a double stroller with him at mutual"? ;)


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