Friday, July 8, 2011

Piano, Swing, Rings, and a Hat

Ellie wanted to play on the piano, so I decided to see if Lynlee wanted to swing a little.  I haven't put her in it for months, but she just held on and chilled out and watched the mobile.  Maybe we will have to let her play in there for a few minutes every day!  Lynlee liked it best when Ellie manually swung her.  Ellie had a lot of fun dancing around and groovin' to the beats.

Lynlee is so cute when she sits on the floor and plays with toys.  I gave her this ring toy for the first time today, and she loved it!  She thoughtfully pulled off each ring and shook it and licked it and just checked it all out.  Years ago, before Greg and I even began to try to start our family, my sister-in-law Staci and I sewed baby clothes for fun.  This outfit is the only one I kept, and Lynlee is the first one to wear it!
Ellie's outfit has a hat with it, and she loved playing with it!  I don't think she actually wore the hat when we were outside, but it was a fun toy for about 25 minutes.  The best for me was that Ellie voluntarily put it on Lynlee, and then told me, "I share!"

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