Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Doctors Appointments

Length: 26.5 inches ~ 25th percentile
Weight:  21 pounds 12 ounces ~ 90th percentile
Head Circumference:  44.8 centimeters ~ 75th percentile
Length: 34.75 inches ~ 75th percentile
Weight: 25 pounds 2 ounces ~ 25th percentile
Head Circumference: 48.8 centimeters ~ 75th percentile
 Ellie was so good for Dr. Vargo.  We had to bring her new doctor kit with us, and she loved doing everything the doctor told her to do.  She opened her mouth and sat patiently for her ears and eyes to be looked at.  Very successful.
Lynlee did awesome when the nurse pricked her toe to get a drop of blood for an iron count -- she didn't even cry.  She did not like it when the doctor looked in her ears; that started tears that continued until her turn was over.

Ellie was excited to get shots, because she loves to pretend to give shots and we watch videos of herself and Lynlee getting shots.  The excitement quickly wore off when the actual shots were administered...

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