Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ellie's Birthday Party

Ellie's official party started with a bang!  Ellie was in heaven talking to her favorite people, and performing, and laughing.  She had kind of a tough afternoon as I was making her cupcakes, because she could not have any until the party.  Once everyone had gathered, we put her in the chair to take some pictures, and then got her down to sing Happy Birthday to her.  That was tough, too, because she still had to wait for a cupcake!

what a pretty princess!
 Lynlee had fun at Ellie's birthday party.  Lulu was fascinated by the balloons and had a lot of fun playing with them.
 Tylan, Cassie, Andrew, and Ellie spent a lot of time playing in her bedroom.  When it was time for presents, Ellie would not let Tylan put her down -- he had to carry her to the family room.

Princess Ellie opened lots of fun new things!
Thanks to Grandpa & Grandma, Uncle Todd & Aunt Rachel and kids, Aunt Tanya & Uncle Dave and kids, Mom-Julie & Hailey, and Russ, Elizabeth, & Davis for helping us celebrate.  We also loved having Tayler stop by for a few minutes in the middle of the chaos.  Everyone was excited to meet her and see her in person, and wish her a happy birthday (since we were having Ellie's party on Tayler's birthday).  We are surrounded by so much love, and we feel very blessed.

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Kelly said...

Everything/everyone is so beautiful! Happy Bday E and T!


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