Monday, August 8, 2011

Lynlee is 9 Months Old

At 9 months old, Lynlee

~ is wearing size 4 diapers, size 2 shoes, and a combo of 18 month and 24 month clothes.
~ rolls all over, especially in her crib.  I will lay her down one way, and after her nap she will be somewhere else, and usually on her tummy.
~ does the bum scoot to get places.  Will get in to the "crawl" position, but has not crawled yet.
~ is so curious, and loves to touch and reach for everything.
~ understands the words: eat, milk, more, shake, and tongue.  When she is eating, she will open her mouth when I say "more" for another bite.  A few times, when she has been all done eating her cereal, she has opened and closed her fist trying to sign "milk" (since we always drink milk after eating).
~ loves balls and balloons right now -- definitely her favorite toys
~ is pretty flexible.  If she misses a nap, or gets woken up early, she will be happy, and just sleep longer on the next nap.
~ will laugh longer and harder at Ellie than at anyone else.
~ is so sweet and lovable!

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Traci said...

Braden did the bum scoot and only crawled for a short while before he learned to walk.


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