Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tayler's Birthday Party

Since we had Ellie's birthday party on Tayler's birthday, we invited Tayler to come over for dinner the next day and have another little celebration with us.  We had some yummy food, complete with watermelon (one of Tayler's favorite foods), and opened more presents.  Tayler got Ellie a doctor kit, and Ellie has played with it almost every waking minute since.  She loves to examine her lambie and baby dolls and stuffed Barney.  She looks in their ears, and tells them to say "ahhh" while looking in their mouths, and (of course) she gives them shots.  What a perfect present!

Ellie is always a little cranky on Sundays (cause her nap schedule is so crazy), and it was probably a good thing for Tayler to see.  I know that I always look for the positive to put on the blog, but life is not all roses, and both girls do cry -- sometimes a lot!  Ellie had many mini-meltdowns while we were together.  The good news is that she is distractable, and by the time Tayler gave her a bath, life was fantastic again.

My favorite part of the night was after bathtime, when Ellie snuggled Tayler and they read stories.  Ellie loves to turn the pages and say "the end."  It was so sweet to watch them together.

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