Wednesday, September 7, 2011

And, we are DONE!

We went to Lynlee's specialist today and got fantastic news.  She is all done with her helmet!   I am really glad that we did the treatment, because her head looks so good now, but I will not miss it at all.

When we started, her plagiocephaly was rated an 8/10 on the severity scale.  At her 6-week check-up, she had improved to a 5/10, and today she was rated at a 3/10.  The doctor said that at her age (10 months old tomorrow) there would only be miniscule improvement if we continued to wear the helmet, since we have captured the majority of her head growth at this point.  And, at our very first appointment, the doctor told us that they helmet at a severity of 5 and above, and a 1-3 is considered normal.

I am so excited that Lynnie's head shape is now normal!
getting situated in the parking garage -- Lynnie loves to chew her finger
in the waiting room....only an hour wait this time
in the exam Ellie's fish lips!
It's official!  Lynnie-loo is helmet-free!!!!!
sisterly love


Julie M said...

HURRAY!!!!! Such a beautiful girl with a beautifully shaped head!!!!! :)

The Gardner Family said...

Oh yeah!!! She was such a trooper through that whole thing. And so was her momma! ;) Beautiful girls!

Bobi said...

Yeah! Hurray! I'm so glad to read about the good news!

Jonette said...

YEA!!!!! AWESOME!!!! So glad she is done!

Elizabeth said...

Fabulous news!!! I'm glad her head shape improved so quickly! I'm sure it was because of YOU, right? ;)


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