Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lynlee is 10 Months Old

chewing on her finger = favorite pastime

what is on the ceiling?  I don't know, but it sure is fascinating

blowing raspberries

At 10 months old, Lynlee

~ is wearing 18 month and 24 month clothes, size 4 diapers, and size 2 shoes.
~ is the sweetest and happiest baby.
~ loves to talk and babble.  Likes to say "ummmmmah" and I am totally counting that as "mama"
~ loves to stand.  If she is fussy at all while playing, standing up makes her instantly happy.
~ likes sweet potatoes and oatmeal the best.  Will tolerate apples, carrots, and squash.  Not a fan of peaches or bananas.
~ can sign "milk" and "more"
~ loves to blow raspberries, and practically gives you a bath every time.
~ likes to look up, and really likes it when you tickle her neck (that gets the biggest laugh).
~ has experimentally tapped her head on multiple things today sans helmet and discovered that they all hurt.  This will be an interesting transition, since she always tapped her head on things on purpose before!
~ can scoot and maneuver her way around, but still has not quite figured out how to crawl.
~ is starting to dance.  Lynnie will bob her head and shake her arms when there is music playing.  She likes to smack her drum and most of the time is in rhythm.
~ likes to be next to Ellie, and almost always wants to be touching Ellie when they are close.  Ellie is fine with that, until Lulu pulls her hair (which is just about every time).
~ loves to swing.  Likes the swing at the park, but her favorite is to lay down on a blanket and have 2 people swing her back and forth.  She will laugh and laugh!
~ is all-around awesome!  I am so glad and grateful to be a part of her life.

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