Saturday, October 8, 2011

Dance Festival

Our Stake has a big annual party called Fall Festival.  We had dinner and then fabulous entertainment.  Each YM/YW group prepared a dance for the Dance Festival, and Ellie loved dancing along with them.  We were sitting where the kids would come on and off, and Ellie would clap for them and give them high fives as they exited.  Lynlee was so cute, all snuggled up in her jacket and a blanket.  She eventually fell asleep on Greg's shoulder.
Our ward did a Charleston, and were by far the best.  And I'm not biased at all...

dancing with Sadie
dancing with Hailey

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Darci Dowdle said...

I'm sad I didn't run into you, I miss seeing you. How is life and your girls etc. I'm so glad you have a blog so I can spy on you. That is such a cute picture of Ellie and Hailey..priceless:)


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