Thursday, October 20, 2011

Life Lately

We had a lot of fun at Uncle Ed and Aunt Cheryl's wedding. One idea I loved was that they gave every little girl a flower, and as Aunt Cheryl walked up the aisle, the girls gave her the flowers to create her bouquet. Thanks to Tammy for capturing the moment for us!
L-R: Cousin Dan, Drew & Cousin Sarah, Ellie, Aunt Cheryl, Jessie (Drew & Sarah's daughter), and Aunt Cheryl's son

Drew & Sarah's 2nd daughter Aubrey

 We had fun meeting Jonette, Kiera, and Kaysen at Costco before they headed south to visit Kylene.  Ellie dragged Kaysen all over the store.  Lulu was tired, and Greg has the magic touch - as soon as he puts her in this position, she lays her head on his shoulder and goes to sleep.  Every time!  She won't do that for me...
Work on the basement is progressing.  Now the blue boxes for electrical switches are in, and
 the ductwork for the heating/cooling is installed, and
 the instant hot water heater lines are run.
 Lulu is so curious, and is getting very independent in her play with toys.  She is one smart little girl!

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