Friday, October 21, 2011

Playing Outside...

...while the weather lasts.  Lynlee is super fast and loves to crawl everywhere!  She is so cute, and we are so lucky to be a part of her life.
talking is so much fun
  Lynnie is really good at drinking from sippy cups.  She loves to play with them, and she drinks quite a bit at the same time.  This particular cup is a special TinkerBell cup I got for her, in honor of her birth mom.
We love to play outside.  Ellie always asks to "draw chalk" and "play bubbles."  She is really good at blowing bubbles now!  The bins of clothes behind Ellie are only the girl clothes in sizes 0-24 months that are extra cute or extra special or remind me of the girls' birth moms.  I have given the rest away.  It's a little embarrassing!

  Lynnie's new trick is to clap her hands and laugh when I say "yeah!"  She won't always do it on command, but it is super cute when she does it.

 I was dusting the ceiling fans, and Ellie wanted a turn.  What a big helper!

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