Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lulu's Doctor's Appointment

1 Year Old
Doctor's Appointment

Length: 29.25 inches = 50th percentile
Weight: 24 pounds 4 ounces = 90th percentile
Head Circumference: 46.5 centimeters = 90th percentile

so happy before we get messed with
 For the first time ever, we had shots before the doctor came in to do her exam.  This was not a happy order, and Lulu was upset for a long time.  She cried harder than I have ever heard her.
I help her feel better!
Before we went to the doctor, I was talking with Ellie about it, and Ellie told me the doctor would look in Lulu's ears and mouth and listen to her heart, and give her shots.  Then she said that daddy would help Lulu feel better, and "I help her too because I no get shots."  I assured her that it was not her turn for a shot, just Lynnie's.

Well, when we got there the nurse told us we all needed flu shots.  Ellie was a trooper, though, and got her shot with almost no crying.  In the car on the way home, she told me, "this leg OK, this leg owie."  She walked with a limp most of the day.  I am not sure if her leg really hurt, or if she was perfecting her pretending skills.

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