Thursday, November 24, 2011


A couple of days ago, Lynnie figured out how to climb up in Ellie's Ikea chair.  Lu is so proud of herself!  She loves to sit there, and stand up, and bounce, and try to reach the blinds.  She has been having a lot of fun in that chair.
 Thanksgiving morning, the girls slept in.  It was awesome to have a slow morning on a holiday.  Greg's parents came by for a quick look at the sheet rocked basement, and then it was pie time!  Greg is something of a pie-making expert now, and he makes really good crusts.  At least, that's what people tell me.  I am not a fan of pie crust, so I never eat his pies.  This year, the menu included pumpkin and apple (bought at Costco), blueberry and cherry (made by Greg) and banana cream and coconut cream (made by me with a shortbread crust). 

*Side note:  Thanks to my gourmet cook/baker friend, Elizabeth, I knew I needed to try the Lion House recipes, with her twist on toasting all of the coconut for the coconut cream pie (mixed in and sprinkled on top).  So delicious!  I am so grateful for NAET and the fact that I was able to eat a little of both pies and not be sick.  A true Thanksgiving miracle!

After our pies were ready and Lynnie was awake from her nap, we headed to Greg's parents for the rest of the day.  Ellie was a little cranky, since she was skipping her nap, but as soon as Tammy asked if E wanted a massage, she was all smiles and ready to play with all of her cousins.
 Dinner was delicious, thanks to the combined efforts of everyone!  We split up all of the assignments to give back to Greg's parents, who graciously host pretty much every year.  They still had plenty of work to do without worrying about the cooking.

I love my cousins!  (and note that Kyralyn has a full plate, and Ellie has her snacks...sigh)

Babies are the most fun of all!

Luckily the weather was gorgeous, and the youngest ones had a great time playing outside.

Then Jazzy pretended she was a doll, and Ellie and Kyralyn put her to bed.  Jasmine was very convincing with her cries and sleeping noises.
 I wanted to get a family picture, because I love Thanksgiving and everything it represents.  Timing-wise, I did not try until we were minutes away from packing up to come home.  And we were ready to go home because Ellie was about to fall asleep and a little cranky.  This is the best one Staci managed to get for us (and it was the first one taken):
 In all of the rest, Ellie had her finger on or in her nose, or
 her eyes were covered, or
 she was picking on Lynnie and making her cry.
I am so grateful for these beautiful girls and their amazing birth mothers.  Lynlee's shirt says "everyone is thankful for me" -- and that could not be more true.

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Elizabeth said...

love the pics of Ellie with her finger up her nose! glad you had a great thanksgiving.


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