Friday, December 2, 2011

 Ellie makes Lynnie laugh harder and louder than anyone else.

 Lynnie loves this chair.  She can climb into it in a couple of seconds, but has a harder time getting back out.  We are working on it!  She now will try to turn around and back out, but she gets stuck most of the time.

 Lynnie loves to bounce up and down, getting on her knees.  She has really good balance.

 One of Lynnie's favorite games is peek-a-boo!  She plays it all of the time, with almost any object.

  Ellie has decided that she does not want to take naps anymore.  I am still having an afternoon rest time, and she generally plays pretty happily in her bed for 45 minutes or so.  It is actually not a bad deal, because without a nap she is so tired that she goes to bed before 7:30 every night.  And she gets a little zoned-out in the afternoons!
  Today we had rest time in her bed for about 30 minutes, but then it was time to play again.  I was finishing up some Relief Society stuff, and Ellie was rocking her baby.  Less than a minute later, she was asleep...

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