Saturday, December 31, 2011

Paint Colors

Picking everything out for the basement is fun, and a little nerve-wracking.  I love how the paint colors turned out, so that is a good thing!  We stuck with the same basic neutral (Lulled Beige) for the family room and bathrooms, and I picked Nasturtium for the playroom and an accent wall in Espresso for the guest bedroom.  The trim and ceilings are in Apple Peel.  I still laugh that I picked that color originally for upstairs, because it is the same color our entire Salisbury house was.  Subconsciously, I must love that color...

The playroom is such a happy color, and even though it just got done on Thursday, I smile every time I walk downstairs!  My second favorite thing is the white ceilings.  What a difference that makes!  I still regret that we didn't pony up the extra money to do that on the main floor when we were building...

Fun at Costco

The girls were giggling and chattering in the cart. So sweet!

Monday, December 26, 2011


Sitting in her new chair, holding Ellie's phone
Ellie and Lynnie enjoyed their new play kitchen a lot!  They played with it for about an hour Christmas morning before Ellie decided she was ready to open the rest of her presents.  Lynnie was more interested in the wrapping paper than in any actual presents.  It was a fun morning!
playing again after church and naps

Ellie likes to "hold" Daddy

 We met with my siblings (sans Amy who couldn't quite make it from Shanghai) on Monday for dinner and a gift exchange.  Robyn & Kevin cooked a delicious dinner and then we opened presents.  Lynnie snuggled right in with Robyn and was content for the whole time.  Ellie was a busy beaver and wanted to "help" everyone open their gifts.
Lynnie's haul included play food and a shopping basket from Aunt Bobi and hippo, rhino, and lion figurines from Aunt Robyn (that she picked up in South Africa)

Ellie's haul was a shopping basket full of food and a turtle figurine

Friday, December 23, 2011


I got a call from the ophthalmologist right before we left to meet Grandma & Grandpa et al. that Lynlee's glasses were done.  After playing hard and getting the girls to take naps, we headed to Primary Children's' Medical Center at the Riverton Hospital to pick up Lynlee's glasses.  She was a little unsure at first, but she did really well with all of the fittings.


The first night, Lynnie did a lot of touching and pulling at the glasses, but ever since then she has left them alone.  What an adaptable baby!

what a darling!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tender Mercies

We got to play today with Tayler, Matthew, and Grandma & Grandpa.  It was so much fun!  Grandma had the great idea to go to Kangaroo Zoo, and after Ellie figured out what she could do, she had a great time.  Good thing Tayler was there, because she was able to help Ellie climb ladders and go down slides!

These 3 spent a lot of time like this!

Driving home, I was struck anew with gratitude and love for our birth mothers and their families. They are such tender mercies in my life! Where would I be without Tayler or M, or Ellie or Lynlee? I do not know how to describe the joy that I feel daily as a result of these beautiful women. Their choice to place E & L in our family is a decision I do not take lightly, and I honor them for it.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Some of our Favorite People

Mom-Julie, Hailey, and Nick brought over some fabulous Christmas presents for the girls and stayed for about an hour.  They only left because Lynnie was so tired she was actually crying for her bed!  They are such good friends and we feel privileged to know them.
Nick shared M&M's -- if he wasn't already Ellie's favorite person, he is after that!

Lynnie always wants Hailey, and will jump out of my arms to get to her!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Odds & Ends

Lyssa sporting a really cool hat at our Christmas party!
 Snuggles for Grandma Camp!
 Playing next to cousin Gwen.
 The finish work took quite a while, but the results are beautiful.  Closets with built-in shelves and windowsills, couldn't be better!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ophthalmologist, Again

Ellie loves to say "cheese", and notice that she is wearing 4 watches.  Why only wear 1 when you have 4 available?

Lynlee is fascinated with the noises that are constantly coming from the basement.  She tries to look down and see what is going on.  And I cannot seem to keep ahead of the construction dust, no matter how much I clean...
 We headed back to the ophthalmologist for our follow-up appointment, and the instant the doctor walked in, he said, "yup, she needs glasses!"  Lynlee's eyes have come more pronounced with her accommodative esotropia as she has gotten older.  He remeasured her just in case and chatted with us a little, and then we headed out the door.
Reading books waiting for the doctor.  Only had to wait 50 minutes...

Ellie watched a Dora the Explorer episode 2.5 times while we were waiting.

What is that man doing?  I don't really like it!
 Luckily, there is an eye doctor located right next door to the ophthalmologist that specializes in pediatric glasses.  Lynnie was hesitant at first, I think mostly because I was trying to hold her and put glasses on at the same time.  Once Greg was holding her and I was putting frames on and off, she was totally fine.  Ellie wanted to try some on also!  The glasses will take about a week, so we may not get them until after Christmas.  This will be another fun adventure.
Ellie likes to tell people she is 4 years old, and I thought theses glasses made her look that old -- I didn't like it!  Lynnie looks darling, though, don't you think?

The winners -- purple frames, of course!

It took a few minutes to get Lynnie all fitted out.  Ellie just played her favorite app on my phone (Kid Mode/Zoodles).

On the way out, we had to get a picture of Lynnie with the dolphin in the mural!

Saturday, December 10, 2011


....I talked Greg into getting an artificial, pre-lit tree.  We used to always get fresh trees from Uncle Ed, who brought loads down from Montana to sell, but we haven't had a tree in at least 5 years.  Since we are staying home this Christmas, it was time to get a tree!
Greg captured this picture of the girls playing together -- sweet moments!

Look at our fun, new toy!

Daddy, I help you!
  Assembling the tree was really fast and easy.  Ellie was a big helper, and Lynlee had fun watching and bouncing and growling.

"I just take a break and sing in my mi-phone."
 We cannot locate our Christmas boxes in the stacks in the garage, so they are obviously buried deep.  I have started a tradition of buying a new ornament every year for the girls, and these new ones were accessible in Lynnie's closet.  So, we have 5 ornaments on the tree this year!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Ward Christmas Party

A fun night at the Ward Christmas Party! Yummy food, great company, and an amazing show. Madelin showed off her clogging skills, and Ellie was in heaven playing with all of her friends. Julie and Hailey would not let me hold Lynnie, even though I kept on asking for her back!


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