Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lynlee is 14 Months Old

Mom, she's taking her sticker off!  I will help her.

waving "bye bye" because Ellie said she was leaving

At 14 months old, Lynlee

~ is wearing 18 & 24 month clothes, size 3 shoes, size 4 diapers
~ has 2 teeth
~ has decided that baby food fruit is yummy, and will tolerate eating baby cereal at night
~ likes to take a bite of a cracker and spit it right out.  When she drinks from her cup, will take in a whole mouthful of liquid, and then spit it all back out.
~ has adjusted really well to her glasses.  Pretty much leaves them alone, unless she tries to rub her eyes.
~ loves to walk, holding on to fingers
~ will answer these questions:  what does a kitty cat say?  MAO.  what does a doggie say?  RUFF.  what does a birdie say?  TWEE.  what does a lion say?  ROAR
~ loves to sing The Wheels on the Bus and do all of the actions.  Will put her finger by her mouth and say SHHH for the mommies on the bus verse.
~ loves to say MAMA, DAD, and LULU
~ loves to climb.  Can climb in the kid chairs and always tries to climb on the couch.  Just this morning climbed on the step stool in the bathroom and then onto the toilet lid.
~ is a little mimic!  Will say so many words and animal noises when she is mimicking.
~ shakes her head for NO, nods her head for YES, loves to wave for BYE BYE and HELLO
~ if she hears someone cough, Lulu will fake cough and cover her mouth

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Kelly said...

Happy 14 months Lulu!


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