Sunday, January 22, 2012

Socks, Tile, Glue, and Amazement

Ellie has (subconsciously) channeled her cousins Kylene & Kiera.  She loves to wear one Dora sock and one Boots sock.
The basement kitchen tile is in, and it looks awesome.  The tile guys had to quite a bit of leveling to our uneven concrete floor, and then work was underway.  I fell in love at the showroom with a tile that looks like wide plank hardwood floors.

Usually Ellie wants to snuggle Daddy at night, but this time she was all about snuggling me, and she fell asleep in less than 3 minutes.  So sweet!
The girls and I were doing crafts, and I was so excited to spot the lid of a glue stick in the cupboard, because I thought we were totally out.  Ellie was having a hey day rubbing that glue all over the pictures, and we were singing Hush Little Baby Don't Say a Word to beat the band (to mix my metaphors).  I could not figure out why the pictures would not stick to the backing paper; I just chalked it up to old glue.  A few hours later, I took a closer look at the glue stick and realized we had been trying to glue with sunblock.  Yep, sunblock.  Guess I need to pay a leetle bit more attention next time it is craft day!
There are some clothes from last summer stashed in a drawer in Lynlee's room that I always forget to put away when I am switching clothes in and out of bins for sizes or seasons.  Ellie and Lynnie like to pull them out and put them on the baby dolls or just play with them.  Ellie found a pair of capris that Tayler had given E for her first Christmas, and insisted that she needed to wear them.  They are size 6-9 months, so I knew they wouldn't fit her, but I gave it a try to humor her.  To Ellie's delight and my amazement, they pulled right up!  It's amazing how much littler Ellie's bum is now, without a bulky diaper in the way.

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Kristin said...

The glue stick made me laugh - that's totally something I would do! Nice one :) And LOVE the new tile.


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