Monday, February 27, 2012

I Spy bags

I found some great ideas on Pinterest (thanks for the original pins, Carrie!) for colored rice and I Spy bags.  See my other blog, A Picture a Day, for the links.  Davis and Elizabeth came over this morning and we had a lot of fun putting our bags together.  Davis and Ellie loved picking one of this group and two of this group, and then scooping the rice into their bags with spoons.
Elizabeth is going to have her mom make a bag for Davis, so that will be super nice.  Our Walmart pencil cases are not that sturdy, but what do you expect for less than a dollar?

 We lined up all of the objects they picked for their bags (Ellie did her arranging all by herself, but I helped Lynnie) and took a picture.  Then I printed out the pictures and we taped them to the back of the pencil case.  The final step was putting super glue on the zipper so that it cannot be opened.

hmmm, what should I find first?

shake, shake, shake.  now I can see some toys!


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