Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Life in our Neck of the Woods

Lots of exciting happenings around here lately.  Greg and I were able to go and visit our newest niece, Denver Lynne, and hear the exciting story of her birth (after 16 hours of labor, an emergency c-section).  Jessica and Denver are doing great, and Denver was super sweet after she had eaten.  I snuggled her and wouldn't give her back to Greg.  Newborns smell so good!
proud papa

sporting the pirate look

Denver was so wide awake and had a furrowed brow.  And, like Hermione, my first thought on seeing this picture was, "is that how my hair looks in the back?"

 During Lynnie's nap, Ellie and I like to spend some quiet time.  We snuggle or read stories, and Ellie was excited to read her baby a story.  It went something like this: "OK, baby, you ready?  Once upon a time, there was a big, big wolf.  OK, OK, what's next?  Hmmm.  The End."
 Ellie has started to pick how I do her hair every day.  Most of the time she tells me she wants it in a ponytail and long.  And this day, she couldn't decide between the 2 Hello Kitty hair clips, so we just had to wear both.
a little dress-up action during quiet time
 The play kitchen continues to be the favorite toy around here.  Ellie thought it was pretty cool to dump out the whole bucket of food and make a seat.  Lynnie thought that was pretty cool, too, and climbed right up!

The weather was so gorgeous today (is it really February?) that we loaded up in the stroller and headed over to a new "mini-park" about a mile from our house.  It was so much fun, and we even ran into a family that is in the Tuesday music class but sometimes comes to ours.  Ellie loved playing with a familiar face.  After about 20 minutes, the clouds rolled in and the wind picked up, so we packed up and headed home.  It was so fun while it lasted.

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Carrie said...

Today WAS nice weather! These are such cute pictures of your girls! And, congrats on the new niece!


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