Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Basement Progress

Ellie is a great helper! She loves to do whatever we are doing, and loves to feel helpful. When we go in the basement to check things out, she likes to dance and sing and sweep and tell me what we are going to do in each room when the project is done (e.g., this is where all the toys will be!).
Lynnie loves the stairs, and she gets so excited when she gets to go up and down them.  She has had less practice than I would like, because the carpet is kind of hammered from the construction.  We should have new carpet in less than 2 weeks, and then the gate will be permanently down.  That will be so nice! 
Bathrooms are done except for the mirrors.  Toilets are installed now as well (but I didn't re-photograph just for that).  I love my square sinks!

This counter has the largest stretch counter space we have in any bathroom in the house, including the master bath.

The instant hot water heater--just in time for warm weather and less desire for hot water!  Our current hot water heater runs out after 16 minutes in the shower, if you are conservative and don't go too hot too quickly.  This will be a nice change, and a luxury I really wanted.

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