Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Family = Love

Saturday was Festival for the Junior High and High School kids.  I registered Jace for Rachel and was able to hear him perform.  Jace did awesome and earned honors.
 Kaysen wanted to play hang out with Dallin and Parker, so we headed down to see Paul and Staci for a few minutes before heading to Texas Roadhouse for dinner with Kyle, Jonette, Kylene, Kiera, and Tammy.

Ellie, look at this cool bug!  Oh, don't touch it, let it crawl.
 While at Texas Roadhouse, we ran into Cliff and Amy Clint and Emily.  We have been friends with Cliff and Amy since we first moved to Lehi in 1999.  It all started when Greg was in the YM presidency and Amy was in YW, and they were chatting one night at Mutual.  We were newish in the ward, and Greg has always struggled to remember names.  He asked Amy how her husband Clint was doing, and Amy instantly bristled and said that maybe she should call him Craig if he couldn't remember names.  Ever since, they have been Clint and Emily and we have been Craig and Helen.  They invited us to be part of their "80's Club" with Najib & Angie and Rob & Lorie, and the rest (as they say) is history.
riding the sawhorse saddle
After dinner we headed back to our house for a little hot tubbing (for the 5-12 year old set), watching March Madness (for the adult male set), chatting (for the adult female set), and some ice cream sundaes all around.  We optimistically thought if we were at our house we could put the girls Lynnie to bed.  We all enjoyed the party until around 10:45.  Everyone left, we had family prayer, and Ellie was asleep before Greg said "Amen."

We enjoy spending time with all of our family members, but we have always had a special connection with Kyle and Jonette.  We have grown up with them and their kids, and in all of our years of childlessness, they let us "borrow" their kids whenever we wanted.  We moved--twice--to live next to them.  We realized that when we decided to start our own Christmas tradition and be our own little family this year, that it was the first Christmas during 15 year-old Kiera and 12 year-old Kaysen's lifetimes that we were not with them.
catching up on Mommy time

oh, the cheese!

brotherly love
 Ellie loves to tell me that she is organizing.  This morning, she took every pair of shoes that she could reach off of the shoe racks and organized them in the entryway.

Sure, Davis, you can fit.  Come ride with me!
 One of the best parenting ideas I found on Pinterest is Quiet Time Bins.  I created little shoebox bins for each day of the week, and Ellie spends 45 minutes in her bed while Lynnie is napping.  Ellie doesn't nap, but she plays and reads books, and I often hear her laughing.  (And I often hear her crying also, when she thinks she should be done, but that is another post.)  Today, she put Lambie, Barney, Other Lambie, Hello Kitty, and Elephant to sleep and gave them each a blankie and a toy.

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