Friday, March 9, 2012

Greg's Last Game

Greg's last game for this season was at the Region 18 tournament, with Salt Lake Community College versus Northern Idaho.  It was a competitive game, with SLCC leading the first half and NIC coming back to win.  He got to ref with Paul, and Tammy, the girls, and I headed up to watch.

Both girls fell asleep in the car (going for a 2 p.m. start), so Tammy packed Ellie on her shoulder and I snuggled Lynlee.  Lynnie slept about 20 minutes, but Ellie lasted an hour--the whole first half.  I brought along my telephoto lens (only the 2nd time I've used it, the first was for Ky's graduation) and I love it!  It almost had too much zoom, though, and I had a hard time deciding how much of the action to include.  I took 263 pictures, but narrowed it down to less than a hundred as keepers.  Well, keepers until I show Greg and he can make final cuts.  I also took lots of pictures of Paul, and put them all on Picasa here (that's for you, Staci!).

Lots of discussion between the refs
Lynnie is teasing me...

Ellie was a big helper and threw some garbage away for me

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