Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lynlee is 16 Months Old

TEETH!  This darling girl is cutting at least 10 teeth, all right now.  After months of only the 2 bottom teeth, she has 6 coming in on top, plus 2 molars that I can see, and 2 more on the bottom.  Understandably, she won't let me touch her mouth very much to explore.  She is such a "chill" baby that she doesn't seem to mind, she has just been a little more clingy lately, and loves to snuggle. 
another view of those top teeth

shake, shake

where'd it go?
 At 16 months of age, Lynlee

~ is wearing 24 month/2T clothes, size 4 diapers, size 4 shoes
~ has a really playful personality.  She loves to tease and flirt and laugh.
~ has some favorite words, including FAST as she is walking very quickly (will say, "fah, fah, fah" as she is giggling and pulling on my fingers), DAD, and SOFT (as she is demonstrating how to touch her sister -- which is usually followed up with a poke and a giggle).
~ will fold her arms for prayer and say MEN for amen.
~ is adding new signs and words on a daily basis.  Some of her newest signs are shoes, socks, ball, car/truck, mom, dad, and grandma.  Some new words are fast, water, ball, and Lynlee.
~ is getting more adventurous with walking.  Will take 2-4 steps, especially between Greg and I.  Will even walk from me to Ellie, and trusts that Ellie won't drop her!  Loves to walk around the couches and the kitchen table, making a loop.
~ loves her silky blankies.  Will sign for one if I forget to pick one up with her as I get her out of bed in the morning, and will drag it around all day--or until Ellie swipes it for a doll.
~ is soon to have a full mouth of teeth!  I am so used to her cute smile with 2 teeth, and it is an adjustment to see so many more coming; it will really change her look.  I am nostalgic already.
~ loves to sing, especially in the car.  Says LA and DO and AH and other cute sounds while she moves her head.
~ likes to talk on phones; puts them by her ear and says HELLO
~ is an amazing person!

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