Saturday, March 24, 2012

No More Bottles

Well, we have finally done it.  We have officially thrown away all of the bottles, because Ellie and Lynnie are big girls now and can drink milk from cups (at least, that is what we told them).

Last Monday, I started preparing Ellie by telling her that we were going to throw away her bottles on Friday.  We have (obviously unsuccessfully) tried to wean her for a bottle a few times over her life, and and decided the last time to do both girls together.  They both drink tons of water from cups, but we've always done milk in bottles.  Ellie has the extra hurdle of only drinking her milk warm, and we are going to straight-from-the-fridge cold in her cup.
...the last bottles...
 After the morning routine and breakfast, it was time for our throwing away ceremony.  Ellie knew it was coming, and really stalled before letting me do her hair.  She was playing in her room, and every time I would go to get her, she would tell me she was "not quite done."  As Bobi put it, she really milked it.

The girls took turns throwing the bottles away, and then Daddy took them outside, since it was garbage day.  Of course, he actually just stashed them in the garage and I washed them and packed them away after bedtime, but it was effective.

24 hours in, it has been interesting.  Ellie did take a few sips of  milk throughout the day, so that is better than I expected.  Lynnie had a harder transition than I expected, since she is so good at drinking from a cup.  At lunch, she drank about half a cup of milk, which is more than she normally drinks of water at lunchtime, so I thought it would be great.

But then it was naptime, which is when she usually drinks a bottle.  She signed "milk" and "nap" and we went and got a sippy with milk.  We snuggled up on the couch and I gave her the cup.  She put it to her lips, threw it down, and frantically signed "milk" while saying "bah bah."

She has never said "bah bah" before, and I didn't know she knew the word "bottle."

After a couple of minutes, she decided it was OK to drink a little milk from her cup, and then she napped just fine.

I know it will be the new normal in a week, and we all just have to get used to the new routine!

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