Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Lynnie started out being totally relaxed, and just wanting to sit with daddy.
 Lynnie did not like being examined today.  Dr. Young was being very thorough, and it was just a lot to handle for our sweet girl.  Greg and I ended up switching places, and she settled down for about a minute, and the doctor got things done.  Then the doctor wanted to test her peripheral vision, and Lynnie doesn't really use that -- she always turns her head instead of her eyes.  Holding her head still and trying to get her to move her eyes proved to be too much, and she let us know she was done.
 Dr. Young said that she wants to measure Lynnie's eyes one more time in 6 weeks, but we will probably need to do surgery.  She said it is good that both of Lynnie's eyes cross, since that means she is not developing lazy eye and will probably not need a patch.  The surgery is to fix the muscles around her eyes, so that her eyes will not pull out of alignment.  The good news is that if we need to do it, the surgery lasts about an hour and it is an outpatient procedure. 

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