Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sleeping & Playing

Why do I take so many pictures of sleeping children?  

I guess because they are so dang cute and fall asleep in the most interesting places and positions.  This is afternoon snack, at 3:45.
Lynnie loves this toy!  She stacks up the gears and makes them spin, the crashes them and starts all over.

Bottle Update:

Lynlee is now doing fine, bottle-free.  It took her til Wednesday to decide that life was going to be happy even though she drinks milk from a cup.  She now has to hold a blankie while drinking, but otherwise has the made the transition.

Ellie has not had milk since the bottles went away.  She did take a taste of milk three different times, but not after the first couple of days.  She definitely eats more food now, so we are continuing to try to get her to taste new things and branch out of her carbohydrate and chicken nugget diet.

1 comment:

Beth said...

What sweet pictures! I miss you so much.

My Jay has been a picky eater since he weaned 3 years ago! It can be tough but we have made strides.

Both my kids LOVE green goodness juice, I think it is Bolthouse farms. They get some veggies in that way. And we drink tons and tons of green smoothies. It's an after dinner treat that is full of spinach! Because they will eat cucumbers I usually buy about ten at a time! Good luck with getting Ellie eating more!


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