Friday, March 30, 2012


Tammy organized a surprise birthday party for Dad's 70th and Daniel's 28th birthdays.  They are lucky enough to share a birthday on March 22.

My assignment was to make cinnamon rolls, so after those were done we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa's house to wait for guests and the guest of honor.  Kyle and Greg had "kidnapped" Grandpa and taken him shopping all day, looking at TVs and trailers and who knows what else.

 My other assignment was to be the official photographer, but Lynnie would not let me put her down or go see anyone else, so Staci graciously stepped in the be the photographer.  Except for the first couple pictures of my girls, the rest are Photos By Stacilyn.
Kiera took Lynnie outside and was her favorite person for a few minutes.  After taking this picture, Lynnie was immediately back in my arms.

Ellie helped me make the cinnamon rolls, and even though she only licked the roll part, she ate off all of the frosting.
 Decorations and Party-Goers, waiting for Grandpa to arrive.

Kylene and Kiera

Grandma, ? and ?

Daniel, Jonette, and Tanya

Parker and Cassie

Tylan, Rachel, and Tanya

The backlight is distracting, but Grandpa was genuinely surprised!  Andrew and Ellie ran out and yelled "surprise" to him before he made it in the door.

We got you, Grandpa!

Emily, Grandpa, Jonette, and Kylene

Ellie is saying, "TA DA!"

Tanya and Denver

Ah, finally it is food time.  The big kids ate outside -- and Ellie now considers herself a big kid!

Andrew striking a pose.

Ellie only ate chips....

Paul: "Dad, when did you shrink?  You used to be taller than me!"

After Staci was done taking pictures, I tried to get one of her.  This is all I managed...

Tammy avoided the camera all night as well--here she is looking at a balloon that escaped to the ceiling.
 As a mom of one of the little ones, my heart was so full watching this scene.  The children were playing "Duck, Duck, Goose" and the big boys were careful to pick each of the little ones in turn.  They were all laughing and enjoying themselves, even while watching out for their cousins.  And each big boy has different parents, who are all doing a fabulous job raising strong young men. 
Ellie was glued to Kaysen, who "protected" her
The rest of the pictures from the night are available for your viewing pleasure here.

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