Monday, April 30, 2012


Tanya was visiting Greg's parents and invited us to come over and play.  We finished dinner and Lynnie was acting pretty tired, so we went ahead and got the girls bathed and in their pajamas before we headed over around 7.  When we got there, Tammy was giving Andrew a 4-wheeler ride.  I asked Ellie if she wanted a turn and she told me NO, but when Greg asked her, she hesitantly nodded her head.

Ellie was excited to have her picture taken before Tammy fired up the 4-wheeler.
But not at all excited once the ride started.
They had gone just a few feet before Ellie started wailing, and I could hear her over the noise of the engine.  Tammy quickly turned around and brought her back.

Lynlee was excited to get on, reaching for Tammy.  She is definitely an adventurous soul.

 Greg wanted to make sure Ellie was left with a positive experience, so he tried taking her for a short ride.  She did fine with Daddy!

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