Thursday, May 31, 2012

Adam's Graduation

Bobi was pregnant with Adam when Greg and I got married, and now Adam is graduating from high school.

Wow, that makes me feel old.

His graduation was held at the Huntsman Center at the U, and I haven't been to a graduation there since I went to my own (with my Masters degree).
Adam's show choir performed a number, complete with choreography
2 graduations in 2 days, and I was a good girl at both!

Silly Pop, that's not right!

Ellie wanted to be in the picture...

Adam and the grandparents
After the ceremony we headed to Bobi & Brian's church for a dinner with family and friends.
Travis flew in earlier in the day for his summer visit.  He is 5'9" now and so stinking cute!

Bobi, Adam, and Lauren (the girlfriend who braved the family party)


Beth said...

It is fate! We have to get our girls together because Kyler has that cute purple dress! Let's do it!

What a fun graduation!

Laurieann said...

Just had to give a big shout out to CYPRUS HIGH SCHOOL! Yay for Cyprus, and the chow choir. Bringing back some serious memories of my Cyprus HS graduation and our choreographed musical number. :)

Laurieann said...

Um. I meant show choir. Oops!


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