Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bilateral Eye Surgery

I got the call Tuesday afternoon that our check-in time was 9:30 a.m. Wednesday morning.  Tammy came over about 8:50 to get Ellie, and we headed out the door.  Lynlee could see Ellie in Tammy's car as we backed out of the driveway, and Lu was confused for a while, and kept on asking us, "Ella?  Ella?"
 I was worried about how Lynnie would do with the no-food-or-drink-after-midnight thing, but it worked out beautifully.  I was going to wake her up around 11:30 to top her off, but she woke up around 11 wanting milk.  Then we had to wake her up the next morning, and in the bustle to be out the door, she was easily distracted.  She asked for milk twice, and I told her we would get it after we went to the doctor, and she seemed satisfied by that.

Once we checked in, we headed to the surgery floor waiting room, and Lynnie started to act a little nervous.  She hated her wristband, and held her arm up the whole time.  Thank goodness they put it on her left hand, since she uses her right hand more!

 After a few minutes we went to pre-op, where we changed Lynlee into her pajamas and she had an exam by the nurse practitioner.  Lynlee hates the doctor, and she cried the whole time.  I just kept on thinking, "poor girl, it's only going to get worse..."
but I look so cute in my pajamas!
 After her exam, she got to ride in the wagon to the surgery waiting room.  The wagon ride was a hit.
 There were lots of fun toys in the waiting room.  Lynlee especially loved this cool lamp with floating things in it.  She said BALL over and over again, but would not touch it.  We were in the waiting room for about an hour, and she did great the whole time.

 We played with this toy the longest.  It would make noises as Lynnie slipped the stars on.  And notice how she is holding her left hand, not using it at all.  Silly wristband!
 After hearing all of the options, we chose to give Lynlee Versed before her surgery, a sedative.  She has really bad stranger anxiety right now, and they talked about how if the child is too upset, they can't keep the anesthesia mask on long enough to put them under.  Lynlee was really funny all doped up, she was singing and giggling and acting really loopy.  You can see it in her eyes!
saying goodbye -- another wagon ride to go to surgery
 Then it was time to wait.  They took her back around 10:50, and it was supposed to take about an hour.  Greg's parents were in the hospital at a doctor's appointment, and then came up and waited for a while with us (before leaving to take a turn with Ellie so Tammy could go to work).  Tammy kept on texting me updates, and after we got home that night, Ellie told me she had so much fun she wanted to play with Aunt Tammy every day.
They played at one of Tammy's friend's houses, and Ellie made all sorts of new "best friends"

Grandma sent us this picture, and said, "I won!"
 The surgery finished around noon, and we had a post-op meeting with Dr. Young.  She told us she moved the muscle on each eye about 6 millimeters, and everything had gone well.  As we were leaving to go back to the waiting room, all sorts of horns and sirens were going off, and Dr. Young said that someone was really needed.

About 5 minutes later, she came out to the waiting room and told us, "oh, those alarms were for your daughter.  She started spasming when they pulled her breathing tube out and everyone started panicking, but she's OK now."

How's that for bedside manner?

When I was able to get to Lynlee, the nurses there explained it much more nicely.  They said it was fairly common, and Lynlee wasn't as awake as they thought when they tried to take the breathing tube out.  She did have spasms, but they reinserted the tube and she was fine.  They let her wake up a little bit more and the tube came out just fine.

So, the doctor told us in all of our meetings before that the anesthesia would be the worst part of the day, but I wasn't prepared for how bad it was.  They only allow one adult at a time in that first room, and I was first.  Lynlee was inconsolable.  She was trying to wake up, but wasn't awake enough to open her eyes, and she was mad.  She was also in some pain, and it took 3 doses of medicine to hit her threshold.  She kept on signing milk (her comfort) but they wanted her to have clear liquids first.  Lynlee was not interested in the sugar water in the bottle or the apple juice in a sippy cup.  After about half an hour of crying and insistent signing (and thrashing about and arching her back and being miserable), they said she could have her milk.

The nurse called out to have Greg come in with the diaper bag and switch me.  Lynlee took her milk right away and kept on sucking so hard that she would stop breathing.  Her sats would drop in the 80s and Greg would pull the milk out, she would get mad and cry, her sats would come back up, and the cup went back in.

After she was drinking, the nurse ushered me out.  I couldn't bear to go back to the waiting room, so I just stood in the hallway and watched through the little window.  After a couple of minutes, they took pity on me and let me back in.
 After Lynlee's signs looked good and she had kept her milk down for a while, they took us to a different room to wait a little more.  I had to take a picture of Lyn's poor little foot--although I am really glad that they put the IV and other stuff on her foot, where she couldn't see it all.
 Greg got Lyn to take a short nap, which was awesome.  Then she woke up and wanted MAMA and more MILK.

Everyone at the hospital was very nice and took really good care of all of us.  That helped make the experience more pleasant.  After we were discharged, we came home and Lynlee and Greg took a nap on the couch.  Then Greg had to go to a meeting, and Lynnie woke up in the transfer to me.  She was sad for a while, but Hailey and Shaylee came over to visit, and she perked right up.  She even wanted to get down and play.  After the girls left, Lynnie played for a couple of hours and seemed to feel a lot better.

She went to bed well, and woke up about 12:30 that night for more milk, and acted like her normal self (we were told the anesthesia effects would last between 12-24 hours).  On Thursday, it was like nothing had even happened.


Kristin said...

Poor girl! Brought tears to my eyes to read about her day and made me feel stressed out for you:) She is so cute I just wanted to hold her and love her!

Beth said...

Oh wow! This post had me crying! How scary and how hard. I am sorry that you guys had to do this, I hope it accomplished what you needed to.

Glad you are all doing better


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