Thursday, May 31, 2012


We love having company!  Pops and Pat drove out from Minnesota, swinging through Idaho, and came down on Monday with Aunt Sharon, Uncle Bob, and Aunt Gail.  They attended a Memorial Day celebration, and then the Aunts and Uncle Bob went home Tuesday morning.  Pops and Pat stayed until Friday to attend all of Adam's special events.

Ellie asked Pops to do her hair
Aunt Sharon, Uncle Bob, and Lulu
After Aunt Gail put a piece in the puzzle, Ellie told her, "good job, you're learning!"

I lost a contact last Friday afternoon, and was able to get an appointment for Tuesday morning.  The eye doctor dilated my eyes, and assured me I would be fine to drive home.  I got these stylin' sunglass inserts and headed home.  And it was not fine to drive, but I made it.
Tuesday was Pops' birthday, so Bobi hosted a celebration dinner.  Adam cooked for us all, and I brought a boiled raisin cake for dessert.  It was fun to see everyone.
Teri & Jon

Gwen, Lyssa, Adam, Bobi, and Teri

No more pictures, Grandpa!
Lynlee is so cute in the morning
It was a wonderful week to spend with our family and loved ones!

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