Thursday, May 3, 2012

Random Pictures

When I was sick, Greg took the girls on some adventures and was nice enough to take pictures.  I hijacked his phone the other day and emailed all of the pictures to myself.

Ellie likes to make a bed in the shopping cart and pretend to nap.  This really only works on trips to get milk, because there is no room in the cart when she is spread out!
It's always fun at the park--and especially with Daddy, because he can push you really high on the swing.

Playing in the playroom.

Lunch at Tammy's favorite restaurant, where they know her by name (Paradise Bakery).
I love Aunt Tammy!

 In the car
At our favorite Story Time of the year--the story time ladies put on a great puppet show!

Watching a show with Andrew in Grandma's room

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