Thursday, July 12, 2012


Ellie and I have been enjoying the rain this week, but it has been freaking Lynlee out.  She has been having a really hard time lately with anything new and anyone that doesn't live with her.

We needed to walk some money over to Hailey, and Ellie got herself dressed (like always).  She put on a pair of my socks and told me they were comfy cozy.

 After descending on Hailey and having Brian give the girls lollipops (Lynlee's first one ever, and she didn't mind that new thing), we started walking home.  Ellie wanted to go see Davis and Ba-biz-a-bif and baby Callie, so we headed that way.  Luckily they were all home and invited us in to play, since it started pouring a few minutes later.

Today it started out sunny and nice, so we decided to try out the Highland Splash Pad.  Lynlee seemed excited to put on her swimming suit, but when we got there she had a really hard time.  She hung out with me, sitting on my lap or being carried in my arms while Ellie explored.  Ellie got really brave by the end, laying on her tummy in the "river" and splashing the water and jumping off the rocks.
 A little snack break while the water was turned off.

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