Friday, July 13, 2012

Amber & Sarah

Jon's kids are awesome, and every summer when we see them I am reminded again how much I wish I could see them more often!

The girls and I got to spend a few hours with Amber and Sarah today and we had a great time.  Eventually.

Lynlee wasn't feeling well.  After she got up today, we did our morning routine and I hopped in the shower.  She laid on the carpet in the bathroom doorway and cried the entire time I was in the shower.  Helpful Ellie tried to make her feel better, but nothing was working.  I got out of the shower and put her back in bed, and she slept until 3 p.m.

3 p.m.

That means she was pretty much asleep for over 19 hours.

Ellie spent the day hanging out with Hailey, who was a rock star (like always) and painted her nails, did her hair, and took her swimming at the Legacy Center.  I got a lot of work done and just missed my girls!

Around 4, we packed up and headed north to get Amber and Sarah from their friend's house.  Lynlee cried the whole way, and Ellie fell asleep in the middle of the screaming.

Amber got to sit next to Lynlee in the car, which intensified the screaming.  We quickly made our way to Cafe Rio, and after Lynlee got some beans and salsa and quesedilla in her tummy, she was almost back to her normal, happy self.

Ellie was designated the official photographer and got some really great shots at dinner.

After dinner we headed to Grandma's house to play.  Sarah plays a mean game of hide & seek, and we had fun watching Amber and Sarah play air hockey.

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