Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day 2

After an interesting night, where both girls ended up on the air mattress with us, (and after awhile and a bathroom trip I chose where Lynnie had been sleeping), we were excited to do more playing.  Greg and the girls helped Kyle get the boats ready to be launched, and then we spent a long time at the lake.

 It was a beautiful walk down to the dock, and Kyralyn demonstrated her muscles by carrying Ellie most of the way.

 The water was a little chilly on this overcast day, as Kyralyn demonstrated!

 Tylan and Parker braved the temperatures and had fun swimming.
 Is someone missing a shoe?

 Here come the boats, let's go for a ride!

 Lynlee hated endured her life jacket.  She didn't seem too crazy about the boat ride, and just kept her eyes closed against the wind the whole time.
 Kyralyn was freezing, so Ellie tried to keep her warm.

 Ellie thought driving was awesome, especially when she got to do it by herself.

 Lynlee loves watermelon!

 Lynlee started getting more brave and kept on running everywhere.  She loved to go to the door and yell "hi" to anyone and everyone.

 Kyle & Jonette did an awesome job of planning and hosting (with an able assist from Kent).  They spent a lot of time cooking and cleaning for all of us as well.  Dinner tonight was campfire pizza--flatbread loaded up with toppings, folded up, wrapped in foil, and cooked in the fire.  Yummy.

Jayme did face painting, and boy, is she talented!  Kaysen is sporting a Denver Bronco.
 Whew!  I need a break from running, and digging in the dirt is still my favorite activity.
 I found the family fireside entertaining, especially watching all of the family members and wrestling the girls. 
 Kyle had a long day on the water...

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HappyCamper said...

Great Posts Heather. Glad you had such a special time with everyone. Happy 4th of July to you also.


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