Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 3

Jonette tried really hard to have a professional photographer come and take our family pictures, to no avail.  So Staci and combined resources to get it done.  We used her tripod & polarizer and my camera & self-timer.  It was stressful to be in charge, but we got some good shots.

 The photo location.  Doesn't get any better than this!
 Scott & Lisette have a mix of adopted and foster children, and their foster kids cannot be shown on public websites.  With 46 people (and 26 children), the whole group pictures turned out better than I expected.  We were only missing Brayden, who is serving a mission.

I also love these groupings:
 Love Jonette's shirt design, representing 1 unified Spencer family in 2012.

After pictures, we played with a giant parachute that Tammy brought, and then went to our cabin for a little relaxation.  Eliana was funny the whole time.  She spent most of her time playing with Lynlee or her 3 year old cousin (also named Ellie).  But sometimes she just wanted a little privacy and would walk with drooping head back to our cabin.  

After lunch, it was time for more water play.  It was sunny and warm, so we got our swimsuits on, sunscreened ourselves, and walked down to the water.

 Lynlee tolerated her life jacket today, as long as she had cuddles from Mom or Dad.
 Ellie loved riding the tube with Greg!  She was hooting and hollering and having a great time.
 Lynlee had a little snack and then fell asleep.

 I put Lynnie's hat on her to try and shield her eyes from the wind.
 And then Ellie wanted her hat on as well.  She did a great job holding it so it wouldn't blow away.  She also kept eating snacks, and it was adorable to watch her hand grope for a cracker, then slide it under her hat.
 Ellie also enjoyed the potties in the campground.  There was one toilet that she had to use every time, and she started telling me she needed privacy, and would do everything all by herself.  The first day we were there, she started singing the "please & thank you" song from Barney, and I just thought it was a random memory (she hasn't sung that song in ages).  Today, she sang it again (while enjoying her privacy) and then told me that it said "please" and "thank you" on the door.

And it did.

There was a sign saying, "Please do not flush tampons.  Thank you."
 Cute Clay and Baby Denver (as Ellie calls her).  The cousins were so good together, and the older ones did a fantastic job of playing withe the 5 and under crowd.
It was our last night, and we spent a long time playing outside, enjoying the campfire and everyone's company.

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