Sunday, July 8, 2012

Days 4 & 5

Saturday morning, Ellie woke up before Lynlee, but didn't mind crawling in bed and watching a show with Dad.
We had another fun-filled day with our cousins.  Mia picked some flowers for Lynlee, and then Lynlee had a great time picking more.  She carried them around with her for a long time.
 Jayme pulled out her art box and the kids had fun making beautiful things.  Ellie was fascinated with the glue, especially with gluing down buttons.  We took a field trip with Andrew and Grandpa to go to Phillipsburg to visit the candy store, which is supposed to be amazing. 

It was closed on Saturdays.

So we went to the gas station and got M&Ms instead, and Ellie was totally fine with that. 

Then we came back to camp for Lynlee's nap, and Ellie pretended to sleep for a few minutes before getting up to play again.
 On Sunday morning, we did the final clean-up of camp, and I had to take some more pictures of this beautiful place. 

 The girls did great on the way home.  We drove one of the boats back to Helena before coming home, so we had a 12 hour day (with stops) from the time we left the campground.  The girls did awesome, taking good naps and entertaining us fully.  Lynlee played for a long time with these sunglasses, putting them on over her own glasses.
I loved everything about the reunion:  spending time with Greg and the girls; watching the girls play with their cousins; reconnecting with the adults; snuggling with Ellie as she crawled in my sleeping bag every night (except for one); watching Lynlee get braver and explore farther.  I am so glad that we do this, and grateful for the hard work that everyone puts in to make it a success.  Can't wait for 2014!

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