Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Family Events

We have had a great week, full of family events.  We kicked off the week with a family dinner at Mom's house.  All 5 siblings were there, which is the first time that has happened in a few years.  Robyn & Kevin made a delicious dinner, and then we headed outside for some pictures.
Amy, Heather, Jonathan, Mom, Robyn, and Bobi   

Papa, Nana, and Aunt Cheryl got to Utah on Monday, after driving from the Midwest via Idaho for Uncle Bob's 80th birthday party.  Everyone came to our house for dinner, and we took the opportunity for more pictures.
 Something was funny!
Robyn, Heather, Pops, Bobi, Jon, and Amy
 Adam was such a good sport and cousin and played with followed Lynlee around for quite a while as the adults chatted.  She is in love with Adam!

Tuesday was Adam's Eagle Court of Honor.  Dad and Pat had gone earlier in the day, so Aunt Cheryl drove with the girls and I.  Congrats to Adam for achieving this rank, and being a 4th generation Eagle Scout, starting with Great-Grandpa Camp, Grandpa, his dad, and now himself.
 Adam gave Grandpa a mentor pin, and that was a nice moment in the ceremony.  It was also fun to see all of the pinning going on--Adam to his mom, to his dad, Bobi to Adam, and etc.

 But I don't want to wake up!

I think this is a record, seeing my family 3 days in a row.  Even though half of us live fairly close, we don't usually get together this often.  It was nice to see everyone.

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