Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Greg's 40th Birthday

40 doesn't seem very old, now that Greg has gotten there.

It seemed pretty old when we were newly-ish married, and I imagined us having a slew of teenagers by then.

We are so lucky to have so many good friends and so many amazing family members.  We had a wonderful night surrounded by loved ones. 

Ellie and I came up with a list of 40 reasons why we love Greg, and Ellie taped them all over the house.  She was very meticulous about where to put each strip of paper, and very good at applying the tape.  When Greg walked in the door after work, the first thing she did was sing him Happy Birthday, and then she took him all over to show him where his papers were.

For once I got smart and hired Hailey to come over an hour before the party started.  In my mind it was to give Lynlee time to get warmed up to her (which she always does eventually) and it had the added benefit of letting me get all of the final touches done for the party.  Hailey fed the girls dinner and I was ready to go by the time our first guests arrived.  Then Hailey took the girls downstairs and they played happily with her for a couple of hours.

Once Lynlee wanted milk, she came upstairs and stayed with us, and Ellie & Hailey kept on playing.
 Then it was cake time, and Ellie led the singing for her daddy!

 Thanks to Julie for taking over my camera and getting lots of good pictures.

 Eating cake with Dad, and I promise she found it delicious!

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