Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Spencer Family Reunion, Day 1

Ellie and Lynlee were both really good about the getting-ready-to-go-and-mom-is-distracted-and-busy process.  Ellie especially was my shadow all day, and truly helpful as we were packing.

She is also obsessed loving her swimsuits and always strips down to put one on if she happens to see one. 

 After our late start, the girls settled in and we started driving.  About Bountiful, Ellie was really disappointed that our "-acation" and "swimming in the lake" hadn't started yet.  I guess in all of my talking about it, I forgot to mention that we had an 8 hour drive to get there.

But they did great and took good naps, and loved meeting up with Rod, Jayme, Jasmine, & Byron, and Kent, Jessica, & Denver for breakfast in Idaho Falls.

We got to the camp, a beautiful facility on Georgetown Lake near Phillipsburg, Montana.  We were only a few miles from where Greg's dad grew up in Drummond.  We were early enough to pick our cabin, and loved the one Kiera suggested we take.
  see how close we are to the potty?  that came in really handy!
We got settled and started visiting and playing with cousins.  While we were fixing some food in the kitchen, Ellie told me that she hurt her finger.  I kissed it and she seemed fine, but about an hour later we were in our cabin and she said her finger still hurt.  I took a closer look at saw that she had a splinter--her first one ever.  She was really good about the splinter-removal process, which is good because she had many more splinters to come.
 Round 2 of splinter removal.  She did great, and liked to ask us if she was being brave.

 There was a lot of congregating and talking, which is always fun!

 Lynlee started out staying really close to us and the lodge.  Her favorite thing was to dig in the dirt.  As the reunion went on, she got braver and started exploring more.

 The inside of our cabin was just right for our family.  We slept on the floor, since the girls don't know how to sleep in real beds yet.  The best part was that we had a fridge in our cabin so it was easy to do Lynlee's milk in the middle of the night.
 Happy 4th of July!

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