Thursday, August 9, 2012

Another Visit to the Ophthalmologist

Can I just say, I can't wait until the day that I can remember how to spell ophthalmologist without looking it up?  There are extra letters in there, and even though I know there are extra letters, I can never seem to remember where they should go...

We have a tendency to be a little late at these appointments (since we are always ambitious and schedule them as early as possible).  We totally left the house on time and would have made it--except there were 2 accidents and traffic crawled.  Since we were late, we waited almost 45 minutes for the doctor to come and see us.  The girls did awesome, reading books and playing on the examination chair.

 "Uh oh, Lynlee's stuck.  I will help her."
 I was expecting the worst when the doctor came, since Lynlee has been traumatized and hates all things doctor-related.  Lu did better than I expected.  She still had a hard time, but was able to get through it without completely breaking down.  Dr. Young said that as far as she can tell, Lu's eyes look great and we will probably not have to repeat the surgery.  We are scheduled to go back in a couple of months for another follow-up and a recheck on her glasses prescription (currently at a +4.5 in each eye).

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