Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cell Phone Picture Round-Up

I was trying to take some good pictures to text to Lynlee's birth mom, and that is harder to do than you would think on a not-well-lit-afternoon-when-you-are-trying-to-hard.  This is the best there was.
 Sisterly Love is always exciting to see.
 "But Mom, I don't want my picture taken!"

 This is one of Lynlee's favorite toys, and I picked it up at DI for about a dollar.
 We love to do art, and thanks to Pinterest I can find lots of ideas.  We had a great, messy time making cornstarch paint (2 T cornstarch, 4 T water, food coloring).  It was pretty much all over the kitchen counter and floor, but that is part of the fun.  Then we headed outside to paint.  

Ellie was super excited about pank-ing, and Lynlee loved running up and down the driveway.

 My favorite part was when E started doing hand and footprints.

 Both girls are getting braver at the park.  We love Wines Park because this little piece of equipment is in the shade.  It is perfect!  Lynlee climbed up to the big slide for the first time, and Ellie loved experimenting with coming down headfirst.

 Lynlee is so cute when she wakes up.  She will call, "Mommy!  Daddy!  Ap up {wake up}!"
 Lunch at Paradise Bakery is always a treat with Daddy and some of our favorite people.
 Lynlee loves to tease Kylene.  L will give everyone else kisses and then lean in to give Ky one, only to pull her head away at the last minute.  And laugh.

L did like walking with Ky, though, and did give her a kiss at the very end.
 Lynlee loves stuffed pups, and is very curious about real pups, but they scare her.  She has been doing so much better the last month, until we petted a big dog on our walk last Monday (bigger than Ellie) and the dog gave Lynnie a huge kiss.  Lynnie didn't like that at all (who can blame her?) and is back to her nervousness.  She really wanted to pet Macy like Ellie was doing, but couldn't quite do it.

And here is an unintentional ad.  Anyone need some property?

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Love your blog :) Glad I found you guys so I can follow you now! Sending my love!


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