Friday, August 17, 2012

Cute Girls

Our girls are awesome!  I am constantly amazed at how smart and good and fun they are.  I have been thinking of our birth moms all day today, and thinking about how blessed we are to share these girls with them.

We were playing in Ellie's room yesterday morning, and Ellie wanted all of her blankets (that are normally stacked on this shelf) on her bed.  Lynlee, the inveterate climber, shimmied right up.  She was so proud of herself--and rightfully so!

 When Greg snuggles Ellie at night, she likes to bring her pillow out so she can be "comfy cozy."  A couple of days ago, Lynlee started saying "buh ba" over and over.  I started guessing words --bubble? band-aid? -- before realizing she was saying pillow.  Ever since, Lynnie has wanted her pillow at night when she drinks her last cup of milk, and she has been sleeping with her pillow in her bed.  

First thing this morning, both girls had a snuggle on the couch with their pillows.
 Camp (or Grandma Camp to the rest of us) came over tonight to bring Ellie her birthday presents.  Grandma came to the party last week, but tried to follow my no presents rule at the party.  Ellie was in heaven having more presents to open, and I thought the chefs hat and apron was the cutest thing I have ever seen.

 After taking a few pictures of Ellie, Lynnie said, "Lynlee" and wanted her own picture taken.  Now that's an attitude I will take all day every day!

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